Sculpted out of clay with an aluminum/copper wire skeleton
Hand painted with acrylic and then glazed
Hand sewn outfit paired with resin teeth and glass, taxidermy eyes

Nos the Troubled
Bothered by flowers, bees, and pollen,
And a few other allergies 
that should never be forgotten,
Young Nos was at a dinner
for the most elite,
He was worried about his shoes, 
Yet he had no feet,
He began to stress 
as the meal commenced,
What would he talk about? 
Should he say that he fenced?
Without even thinking, 
he swallowed his meal,
Everyone’s still eating, 
should he try the veal?
Nos didn’t see 
all that he grabbed,
Underneath his asparagus 
was a puff filled with crab,
He stressfully swallowed 
everything on his plate,
But when he noticed his mistake 
it was a bit too late,
Swollen and choking, 
he fell to floor,
Within minutes he was gone 
and Young Nos was no more.
Movement Tests:
Nos: Under the Lights
Nos: A Final Glance
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